Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Conference addict :: Upcoming event on 2012

After my last scientific conference in Barcelona in the beginning of this month, I realized that I got addicted.

my poster presentation in Barcelona!my poster in International Health Conference, Barcelona
with Prisca, my co-supervisor from KIT, Ams

Being in the international conference was very inspiring for me. I was there for a poster presentation basically, but I could also learned so many things e.g. how to make better poster for presentation, attending seminars with experts, building networks with people all around the world.

One of the speakers that I found very inspiring for me was
Helen Rees. She brought a session about pre-exposure prophylaxis for HIV prevention, in a very practical manner. Also a stunning presentation!
One of the most impressive presentation (slides, also how she came up with the talks) that I've ever seen in my whole life as researcher (yeah I'm stil young researcher btw).

Then I googled her name and it turned out that she's indeed a very professional and dedicated person in her area (and she's part of WHO Advisory Committee).
Uh huh, no wonder why.

Now that I feel like I've learned so much from international conference, I got addicted to have some more !

Here's some of upcoming events (international scientific, clinical/ social conference) about HIV-AIDS in 2012 :

April 12-13, New South Wales (AU)
Silence & Articulation

May 23-25, Marseille (FR)
"Searching for Cure" - ISHED

July 22-27, Washington DC (US)
Turning the Tide Together

So for those who are interested, don't forget to submit your abstract and hopefully I'll see you there !

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